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Health Care
Non-Healthcare Providers
Public Health

Optimizes Resources, Enables Scalability, Drives Geo-Spread, Boosts ROI, Mitigates Systemic Dependency. An inclusive model with provider-centric intelligent solution.

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Enabling a future ready model for OP outreach with hyper ease in engagement.


A platform plug-in that expands the business models for Pharmacies.

Diagnostic Centers

A multi-configurable mechanism for diagnostic businesses for larger consumer connect and servicing.

Non-Healthcare Providers

Own Branded Business Management platform & consumer mobile app custo-mized as per needs of the organization

SaaS Business Management Platform customized as per the practice management process of the organization

Health, wellness, chronic care “Packages“ customized as per the needs of the organization

End to end Technology Hosting & Support by HS and Seamless integration with HIMS for data exchange

Public Health

Public Health Discovery

Enables every citizen to manage his health, driving governance for improved healthcare policies and effective implementation.

Population Health Index

Mechanism to capture health determinants and health outcomes for holistic & homogenous health standards.

Promotive & Preventive Care

With Health Discovery & PHR, effective programmes for ensuring healthier population.

HealthSignz for


AI- Powered Smart Health Companion


Personal Health Records

View your personal health records anytime and anywhere.

Symptom Checker

Get your symptoms verified for the right advice.

Doctor Appointment

In Person, Video, Voice Chat. Book appointments with Doctors as per your convenience.

Purchase Medicine

Purchase medicines and get them home delivered or pick them up from a pharmacy of your choice.

Book Diagnostic Tests

Book Diagnostic tests and get your samples picked up from doorstep and also pick a lab of your choice.

Wellness Services

Diet chart, Diet experts, Wellness Centers. Keep track of your Wellness.

Fitness Services

Fitness Tracking, Fitness experts, Fitness Centers. Keep track of your Fitness.

Health Packages

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