Govt. Digital Health

Govts are moving to DIGITAL for all necessary Human services: simple or complex. Every Govt is determined to improve their healthcare delivery by leveraging Digital Health Platforms to serve across remote corners of the State via digitally empowered Hospitals & Doctors to offer effective care and track Health Analytics via State Health Dashboard for Policy decisions and efficiencies.

Govt. Health Features

NDHB 2019 compliant

HS Platform largely confirms to the National Digital Health Blueprint’s recommendations (NDHB 2019).

Emergency Connect

Emergency Cate & Ambulance services can be connected via the platform.

Doctors/ Providers Onboarding

The platform can enroll all providers and allow them to serve Citizens in their provisioned jurisdiction.

Data Security & Access Control

No provider will have access to Data and access of Patient data to be given to provider only during Service provisioning window.

Inclusive Grassroot View of Health Data

PHC’s, health workers, Anganwadi Workers and Govt. Hospitals can become part of the platform and can serve all citizens with controlled view of PATIENT DATA /PHR (Personal health record) across the Country.

Health Risk Profiling

Based on Risk Profile & Current sickness of Citizens, Govt can plan health services and serve them effectively with right set of health partners for each category on HS platform

Track Central Govt Health Schemes

Beneficiaries for each Central Govt schemes can be tracked effectively by building right Analytics dash boards so that right citizens can get benefitted from those schemes

Provider Apps

Bridges Healthcare provider to Platform also extended itself to provide relevant information of Citizens to various health providers to serve citizens effectively.

Customer Centre-Based Data Gathering

Platform can help in gathering “Citizen Health Data” via customer centres across the country and the same can be analyzed to arrive at health needs (COVID/Non-COVID)

Online- Remote Services

Digi-Consult option can be enabled to assist Rural /Semi-urban citizens who are mobile savvy to avail services like: Doctor consultation, Health Products/E-Commerce to provide Masks, protection disposables products, nutrition products and all other health & wellness products.

Citizen - Centric Mobile app

HS Platform provides Mobile App (MyHealth App) for every Citizen comprising all Digital health Services in a single App with “option to link Mobile number to Aadhar number of Citizen to the Personal Health Record”.

Integration Enabled

Platform can Seamlessly integrate with other health providers to extend their services to Citizens on HS platform via secured API integration for service data exchange.

Apps for Ops: Platform also offers Apps for:

  • Operations Management & Business Management like Central Admin App for Managing all Doctor Consultations
  • App for call centre to book the appointments over phone
  • Central Diagnostics App for monitoring overall Home Orders
  • Central Pharmacy app to keep track of all order deliveries for a region/state/country

Apps for Admin Control: Platform also offers Apps for:

  • Business & Operational Metrics Dashboard to senior management
  • Admin Apps for enrolling and managing providers on the platform

Govt Driven Patient Information Capture

Govt can upload Patient Information onto the Platform and can analyze the health status to arrive at customized health services via planned health care packages. These can be availed by citizens of notified / specific segments and the same can be serviced by identified Providers via “paid” or “cashless” service or flexibility to choose any kind of packaged care (as per defined policies).

Versatility to Implement Policy Decisions

Platform has the provision to build any custom Health Offering/package to suit to any kind of services like Few Doctor Consultations, Medicines worth few thousand rupees, Applicable for Self or for family, Few Lab tests, Few Home care services and up to almost 40 types of parameters to adjust to any kind of service to be offered for citizens and can be serviced by chosen public/Pvt health provider.

Customer Centric Services: Platform can extend multiple Digital health Services & Operations that include:

  • Patient PHR
  • Citizen Health Locker (Stores all individual health records)
  • Doctor Consultations (both Walk-in & Video)
  • Pharmacy Order fulfilment, via Jan-Aushadi or Small Pharmacies or large distributors for each locality across the Country
  • Diagnostic Tests (both Walk-ins & Sample Collection from Home via Phlebotomist App)

Customer Centric Services: Platform can extend multiple Digital health Services & Operations that include:

  • Health Calendar to take care of Prescription Management, Medicine- reminders, Follow-up reminders, Diet & fitness reminders
  • Custom Diets Plans for Citizens
  • Custom Fitness plans for Citizens
  • Preliminary Symptom Checker for common symptoms and solutions for the same
  • Immunization chart for People