Phygital Hospital Solution

Drive the existing patients to become Digital Consumers and transform Hospital physical services to be available digitally via Medical-commerce Consumer Portal & Medical App (Android/iOS).

Helps in adding several new digital revenues to Hospitals via the platform. Greatly helps in Expanding OP and paves the way for the growth of overall service potential for Hospital and also extends Hospital services beyond physical location to the Consumers wherever they are. With its flexible Business rules & service options, It can adopt to specific needs of each and every hospital and drives their business strategy effectively.


Key Features of the Platform


Revenue Enhancement Features

Mobile App Analytics & Platform Analytics

Provide end to end digital Pharmacy distribution to Hospitals, retail Pharmacies

Diagnostic Services at Home

End to End Diagnostics services fulfillment (both walk- in & at-home) powered by self or by Diagnostic partner

Pharmacy Delivery

E-Pharmacy functionality for a comprehensive Pharmacy services to Patients and Consumers alike.

Home Health Care

Extend services to Home via digital enabled Home care services which can be powered directly by Hospital staff or by Partner to all Hospital customers and their family members.

Digital Chronic Care Packages

Best way to take comprehensive care of Chronic care patients via digital packages which can be configured as per Hospital Care with a combination of Physical/digital consults, lab tests, pharmacy, wellness and all other services to address each chronic care.

Corporate Healthcare

Efficient end to end eco-system to offer differentiated services to Corporate consumers and their families using digital Corporate features of the Platform.

Digital Health Camps

Get the best of both worlds of acquiring customers and also utilize Analytics to offer suitable health packages and treatments via digital platform.

Post Discharge Care Packages

Define appropriate post discharge packages as per ailments and extend your comprehensive care to patients beyond physical hospital premises.

Digital Subscriptions

Come up with subscription cards to provide additional value to your customers using Digital health subscription cards

Wellness Services

Offer relevant wellness services so that you will become one-stop shop for all needs of your customers by using your wellness partner organizations as per your business strategy

Digi Clinics

Simple way to expand your catchment area by establishing Digi-clinics which will have minimal Capex or Opex to serve where your customers are, across the city, tier2/3 and rural areas of the state.

Health Products

Position relevant health products which helps your patients/customers to have comprehensive care by utilizing health Products partner for end to end e-commerce fulfillment.

And many more revenue enhancing opportunities


Operations Excellence features

Integrated Digital Platform & HIS

Helps in providing effective services of the Hospital to digital consumers and maximizes the utilization of available service bandwidth. Becomes Sync up with HIS for all service catalogues, Pricing, PHR/EMR to have seamless experience.

Digital OP

Complete OP operations can be digitized on the platform by creating Reception, Specializations, Doctors, Op schedules, Nurses, Digital OP Patient Queues display, Procedures, Billing and all other services to transform Hospital OP services to reap the benefits across walk-ins/digital consultations for the Hospital.

Doctor Practice

With the help of Doctor Portal & Mobile Apps, Doctor practice to be digitized completely and bring lot of efficiencies to serve more patients in the same duration and eliminates the need of hand-written prescriptions by adopting to AI powered Digital Prescriptions & AI assisted junior digital Doctor for each Doctor.

DPDT(Doctor Practice Digital Transformation)

This will help in smooth adoption of the platform by Doctors who are using hand written prescriptions to digital prescriptions in 2 weeks time and drives the reduction in average consultation time.

Operations Metrix

Define all key metrics to operate Hospital efficiently like Wait time, consultation time, utilizations % of various services, OP Revenue leakage tracking, privilege customers, Conversions and many more and track all of them to manage your Hospital effectively.

Revenue Dashboard

Manage all Revenue related details based on Doctor, Dept, Branch, service line, referrals, receivables, payables and many more.

Operations Dashboard

Helps in tracking all orders, service owners, Service SLAs, appropriate interventions to smoothen Service delivery to customers.

Customer Care Services Portal

To be used by Customer care team to book services for patients/customers, track the status and use it as CRM tool for higher customer satisfaction and also for revenue generation/booking.

15 + Provider Services

Also has 15 Health services which can be switched on/off as per the strategy of the Hospital.

Admin Portal

This acts as heart of Operations for the hospital and helps in defining services, access controls for the teams, roles in the Organization, view/edit options for all major functions/features of the platform, create new Digi-Clinics, employees, CDSS (Clinical Decision Support System), work flows, configurations and many more to empower individuals and teams to run the Hospital services effectively.


Customer/Patient Excellence Features

Hospital Consumer Portal

This full-fledged commerce portal helps in booking services on the portal, receive payments, manage patient PHR/EMR, Reports and all other digital services unlike existing information only websites.

Hospital Consumer Mobile App (Android/iOS)

This full-fledged commerce portal helps in booking services on the portal, receive payments, manage patient PHR/EMR, Reports and all other digital services unlike existing information only websites.

Not Just Sickness Care

Platform provides 100% care by covering Healthy, Borderline, post discharge (about 95% of persons life) along with Sickness (which happens to be less than 5% of the time)

Best Consumer Feature Set

Mobile app comes with several unique features to serve the needs of the customer and family members like Doctor Consults, e-pharmacy, Diagnostics, home healthcare, health packages, Health products,PHR, health Locker, Family PHR, Immunization, Diet Planner, Fitness Planner, Health Calendar, Symptom Checker, Risk profile, and Health Score.

More Consumer Features

Mobile app also comes with several other unique features such as Child growth chart, Vitals Analytics graphs, Multi-lingual, Health tips, Nearby health providers, in-App campaigns, Flexible Dashboards, health Wallet, Coupons, Digital health Packages, health cards, App-in-App for corporates/communities, referrals and many more features.


The best platform for current Physical Diagnostics to get onto the bandwagon of digital Healthcare wave with utmost ease and increase revenues dramatically by utilizing existing consumer pool & walk-in patients and also seamlessly acquire new digital consumers. Be ready for the next phase of digital healthcare transformation with one of the best digital health platforms.