Digital Health Insurance

Health Insurance companies have millions of customers. It is most ideal to leverage this great strength and start offering several value-added services to customers beyond health insurance, like Primary health care, chronic care, wellness services with the help of Network of Health & wellness providers.

HS Platform largely confirms to the National Digital Health Blueprint’s recommendations (NDHB 2019).

Digital Connect to each Insurance customer via MyMedic Platform with “All-In-One” Health App

Bring all Health providers onto MyMedic and extend the B2B platform to all of them to serve their existing patients

Onboard all Health insurance consumers on to MyMedic and offer all health & wellness related services via the platform

Best way to re-new insurance via App

Offer Corporate Insurance and Additional Health services via Corporate App/Portals on the platform

Offer New Health services as One-time or Subscription driven packages to Customers

Use PHR and Insurance claim Statistics for predicting trends and future Insurance offerings to all types of consumers

New revenue channel by offering Pay per use/Annual License/Revenue share from all Health Providers

Expand Retail Health Insurance via DHP by offering suitable Insurance packages to customers using Analytics

Expand to all non-Insured Health care and Wellness services via DHP without any upfront investment by partnering with right providers for the same

Offer Chronic Care services on the platform to millions on consumers

Become the backbone for all Consumer centric Digital Health & wellness services fulfilment.