Digital Pharmaceuticals

Pharmaceuticals play the most important role in healthcare and helps in addressing various ailments of Patients. Digital Health Platform can bring huge strategic benefits by building direct connect with every patient , Distributor & doctor who is part of providing CARE.

Digitise Doctor Relationships by offering MyMedic as a primary platform for Day to Day operations for the Doctor.

Build Direct Consumer base across all geographies using the platform features to build Health Analytics for consumers.

Use the platform to build new Consumer revenue streams and use Healthcare partners to serve the consumers without deploying fresh capex.

Harness Doctors Prescriptions, consumers to build Health data via B2B associations.

Use PSM( Product Sales Management) for direct relationship with all Major Hospitals to supply Medicines and Supplies

With Direct access to Consumer/Patient via the platform, Platform Analytics can be used for driving right strategy for Pharmaceutical company

Platform can be effectively used for gathering required details of consumers for Clinical trials and other related operations.

With complete access to actual medicines prescribed by Doctors, and usage by Patients, right strategies can be arrived for future.

Using Digital Prescription Templates, branded medicines can be pre-populated based on type of diagnosis, making it easier for effective CARE.

Doctor performance can be measured effectively

Track Medicine usage per each Speciality/Diagnosis

Platform can become best foundation to start “personalised medicine/Precision Medicine” in coming years for millions of consumers

Offer Platform services across the globe as per Local needs in each country

Unify all Health & Wellness services under one umbrella of Digital Platform.

Partner with Govts to offer Digital health services to citizens

Offer DHP to Small Health providers ( Doctors, Clinics, Pharmacies, Labs, etc…) with strategic long term roadmap to unify all Health services under one umbrella

Platform can be positioned as digital Health gateway similar to what Paytm for digital transactions